Mother and Child

Mother and Child
Mother and Child

My mother said, what ails you now?

She pulled my eye and palmed my brow

Then checked my pulse and pondered why

So seldom ailments pass me by

I never saw the like of you

Misfortune clings like morning dew

It’s there and then it disappears

Again – it catches unawares

One day you’re running like the stag

Soon after, you’re as if in chains

You shuffle, cough, an ancient child

And then again you’re running wild

I am perplexed, as you must know

The doctor coughs and spits and blows

Consults his book and mutters low

An awful eejit, doesn’t know

So what am I to do with you

But let you go and let you grow

And put my trust in Providence

And say a prayer, what ails you goes.