InevitabilityMesmerizing is how I would describe

Falling unequivocally under your spell

But retrospectively, how could it be

Otherwise – I will explain.

A vision of the one for me

Was in my head, how she would be

As time marched on irretrievably

And then and then, she stood before me.

How could I not fall hopelessly in love

She was my Mona Lisa come to life

Unerring image, dominant in dreams

The stars aligned, the God of Love loved me.

I wallowed in, drank copiously of this brew

My self-esteem gained stratospheric heights

My goddess strode imperiously by my side

Was it not as it should be – my due.

Grandiloquent endeavors filled my brain

I was god-like and she was by my side

Imperiously I viewed all with disdain

Then she was gone – despair unending void.

Dejected, downcast, mewling here I sit

Digesting, disassembling all that passed

And feeling sorry for myself, I do admit

Love pressed me to its bosom then out cast.