Irish American Writers & Artists – Reading of latest Play May-2018

Keeping with the dramatic theme, next up was James Cullinane, a playwright, and a somewhat new presenter. James gave us a teaser of an introduction to a hilarious yet seemingly personal play in progress. A short scene between best friends, two men of a “certain age”, one of whom is a self-professed womanizer needing advice about changing his ways, while his best friend is humorously both unsympathetic and oblivious to his plight. The scene was presented masterfully by the author himself and Tom Mahon. The rapid-fire over-lapping dialogue kept the audience in fits of laughter. Good comedy is always based on some kind of recognition in the characters presented, which Jim did to great effect. It is always great to see “work in progress” at the salon, as that was one of the founding members’ goals, to have a place for an artist to test out new work, get feedback and keep on creating. Many novels, plays, and shows have come out of our IAW&A. We can’t wait to hear the next episode, Jim!

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