Imagine: One Man’s Journey



“Written in a very authentic style by a man who you can believe has grappled with his own existence and struggled to find his own truth..”

Peter D

“Excellent account of one man’s path to enlightenment…”



by James Cullinane


Finally, I’ve arrived at a place where I’m comfortable with the concept of God, not as something or someone in human form but a force, a source that touches all life—maybe not unlike a gentle breeze that sweeps across the planet touching all in its path—and, if we allow, in good and empowering ways.

I believe also that this is an ongoing process and that this physical life is but a tiny, teeny part of our journey. Our soul is immortal; the physical body will deteriorate and die, but the soul journeys on.

My life has been a slow, slow process of understanding and accepting the uniqueness of each and every life, the potential that each and everyone carries within us, the importance of being positive especially in our thoughts, which translate into reality and the life we live, the importance of love and forgiveness to ourselves and others, and the absolute importance of connecting with God. This God force is always ready, willing, and more than able to answer our prayers.


The path to true happiness is love and forgiveness and it begins with loving and forgiving ourselves. Jess Stearn in his book The Power of Alpha Thinking quotes a teacher: “We have to love to survive. You can’t love anyone else unless you love yourself.” When Mr. Stearn asks him, “How do we learn to love ourselves?” the teacher replies, “By going within. The deeper you go within, through meditation and visualization, the more likely you are to find the perfect self within, loving and unafraid.” Elsewhere, he quotes another teacher: “Love is the food that children grow on. It makes them straight and tall and self-reliant.”